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Finlays launches The Wellbeing Collection – our premium tea extracts range helping brand owners tap into the trend for natural, functional and sustainable products


The rising trend for food and beverages that don’t just taste great but also meet a range of health and wellbeing needs shows no signs of slowing.

Whether for gut health, focus, relaxation or simply feeling virtuous for buying products that align with their values, consumers don’t just want enjoyable products, they want functional products, products with a story and products that offer a little taste of an aspirational lifestyle.

A healthy opportunity for brand owners

Within the total wellness economy, healthy-eating, nutrition and weight-loss products are valued at $700 billion per year [i]. This is growing and at Finlays, we estimate the potential global value of healthy and functional beverages to exceed $300 billion by 2024 – more than one third of all beverages consumed worldwide[ii].

And when you consider that two thirds (65%) of consumers are willing to pay more for beverages with an associated sustainability claim [iii], the opportunity for beverage brand owners is clear.

Introducing The Wellbeing Collection, by Finlays

To help brand owners tap into these trends, Finlays is pleased to announce the launch The Wellbeing Collection, our new range of premium, natural tea extracts. Extracts in the Wellbeing Collection are rich in highly sought-after bioactive compounds [iv], adding value to your product through consumer association with various wellness benefits [v].

Get The Best Out of Tea, Naturally

As a trusted leader in premium tea extracts with 60 years’ experience in tea extraction innovation, Finlays is ideally placed to help you unlock the high-growth potential of natural and functional beverages. Our unique approach means we produce tea extracts that help brand owners unlock opportunities in the health and wellness mega-trend by being:

  • Rich in naturally-derived antioxidants that consumers link to health benefits
  • Natural and offering clean label claims
  • Extracted from fresh leaf, sealing in the true essence of tea other extracts leave behind
  • 100% traceable to our own tea farms in Kenya
  • Sustainably sourced


To find out more about how The Wellbeing Collection  can help you tap into the health and wellbeing mega-trend, get in touch contact us page




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  4. Bioactive compounds are primary and secondary metabolites of nutritive and non-nutritive natural components generating health benefits [Martirosyan 2018]. Examples of bioactive compounds in tea include Polyphenols, Catechins, Caffeine and Amino Acids
  5. The associated wellness benefits are findings that were described by epidemiological, cohort or meta-data analysis of meaningful and well executed epidemiological- and cohort studies. The associations made are in reference to ingredients only, hence they do not refer to finished products and they may not comply with Regulation EC n. 1924/2006.
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