A Leading Global Producer and Supplier of Leaf Tea

Finlays is one of the world’s largest leaf tea suppliers with extensive and long-standing experience in growing, sourcing, manufacturing, blending and packing tea. We are one of the only major B2B tea companies with a vertically-integrated supply chain and own our own farms and processing facilities in Argentina, Kenya, Sri Lanka and China. Thanks to this, we offer our customers exceptional reliability, scale and traceability all the way from bush to cup.

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A Flexible One-stop-shop for Leaf Tea Sourcing, Manufacturing and Supply

With our extensive global footprint and deep experience and expertise, we can source, blend and supply any type of leaf tea or tea extract. We are focused on tea and proud of the leading role we play within the industry.  

As a large scale, global tea producer, we are able to innovate right from the start of the supply chain all the way through to the end, packed product. 

Finlays is a fierce custodian of the tea industry. This means we are passionate about pushing the boundaries to improve quality, pioneer new products and create innovative tea packaging formats to capture new consumers. 

Our highly-trained and experienced tea experts are a global authority on tea and tea markets.  

Bringing you Trusted Tea from Bush to Cup

Sourcing from our own farms is central to how we help you unleash the potential of leaf tea. Strategically located across the globe, our farms mean we can offer you risk-free traceability, deep expertise and complete flexibility.

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Experts in Tea Sourcing

With tea testing and tasting rooms across the world, our team of tea experts loves tasting, sourcing and supplying tea from around the world to meet your requirements. Whether black and green teas from our farms in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Argentina, or Oolongs from China, Matcha from Japan or Darjeeling from India – we know tea and where to source the very best to capture unique regional flavours and profiles.

Our network of offices and gardens around the world, in major tea producing and consuming countries means we can service all of your tea requirements from bush to cup. This includes auction buying, bespoke blending, sourcing hard to find speciality teas from remote areas around the globe.

Our tea sourcing locations include:

Europe: London, Pontefract and Hull
Asia: Colombo, Guizhou, Xiamen and Jakarta
Americas: Argentina and New Jersey
Middle East, Africa and CIS: Kericho, Mombasa, Malawi, Dubai

A Trusted Tea Supply Chain

Owning our own tea farms not only ensures our control over the quality of our product, it offers security and consistency of product supply. This enables us to reinvest directly into the tea industry and communities we serve.

Our people are the life-blood of our organisation. Together, we are proud to be one of the largest independent tea producers, one of the largest global leaf tea sourcing businesses and one of the only tea companies in the world able to produce, pack and supply tea into most international regions.

A Leading Producer and Supplier of Certified Leaf Tea

We offer teas under a wide variety of certification schemes.