Finlays Europe Extracts

A Leading Supplier of Premium & Innovative Beverages to Retailers Across Europe

With an expansive global network and unrivalled beverage expertise, Finlays’ versatile range of extracts and beverage solutions are designed to help brand owners meet the ever changing needs of today’s consumers.

Our Portfolio of Natural Beverages

Just Add Water

A full solution for beverage brand owners

Just Add Water is Finlays’ new range of instant beverages. Consisting of single-serve sachets featuring tea and botanical powder blends,  Finlays’ Just Add Water beverages dissolve instantly in cold water. Each blend is beautifully balanced and makes it easy for your consumers to enjoy convenient, refreshing beverages on the go.

Finlays manage the sourcing, blending and packing of each carefully-selected ingredient throughout the supply chain to guarantee full traceability. Our powdered drink blends are packaged in ready-to-print plain sachets, with customisable outer packaging options, to give brand owners the flexibility to apply their own artwork. 

Cold Brew Coffee

Experts in coffee, pioneers in cold brew

At Finlays, we’re on a mission to help you drive value into your coffee offering by capitalising on the explosive growth of cold brew coffee. We do this by combining our global coffee expertise with pioneering cold brew extraction capabilities to deliver a dynamic range of cold brew coffee solutions.

Our bespoke, gravity fed extraction technology makes us uniquely placed to create reliable, bespoke, pure cold brew solutions that discerning consumers will love, every time.

Flavoured Water

Enhance water with natural tea aroma

Tea aroma is the natural vapour that is captured during the aqueous tea extraction process and then concentrated into a fragrant and flavourful liquid. Studies have shown 80% of the taste we experience is through scent alone.

Tea aroma helps transform still and sparkling waters into sensory beverage experiences your consumers crave. Our tea aromas are naturally colourless, calorie and sugar free, helping you tap into consumer demand for clean, minimally processed, natural products.

Functional Beverages

Explore our tailored range of extracts and solutions

Our curated portfolio of tea extracts, cold brew coffee and Just Add Water blends are designed to help brand capitalise on the growth of beverages that combine flavour, functionality and convenience.

We do this by combining our leading expertise in tea extracts and pioneering cold brew capabilities to deliver a range of solutions that meet your consumers’ needs.

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