A Leading Supplier of Tea, Coffee and Botanical Extracts Across the Americas

With deep roots across the globe Finlays offers world-class expertise by using high-quality tea and coffee ingredients to provide custom solutions for foodservice and consumer-packaged goods brand owners.

Our focus is providing superior service to the Americas, from the top of Canada to the tip of Argentina. We have dedicated teams of specialists located throughout the Americas to help meet your needs.

Your Partner in Customised Beverage Solutions to Fuel your Innovation

Finlays has the unique advantage of coupling state-of-the-art extraction and development technology with our ‘bush to bottle’ model. We grow, source and manufacture a wide range of safe and sustainable ingredients. Your tea is grown on our own farms and handled from harvest to delivery by Finlays employees. Our knowledgeable team of procurement and quality assurance coffee experts thoughtfully select, roast and perform sensory analysis on your coffee each day.

We take pride in collaboration and offer full-service solutions, from concept ideation to assisting with finished beverage formulations. Our innovative team of specialists will partner with you to provide creative and successful solutions, helping you bring fresh ideas to market.

Our Range of Tea and Coffee Ingredient Products and Solutions

As a leading supplier of powdered and liquid tea and coffee extracts, concentrates and syrups, we specialise in developing products for the food, dairy and beverage industries.

Natural Tea Extracts

Picked at the peak of perfection, Finlays delivers a wide assortment of fully traceable tea extracts and ingredients including powdered and liquid tea extracts, as well as concentrates. Our range of tea extracts offers our customers:
  • Transparent sourcing via our unique vertically integrated supply chain
  • Bespoke products and blending
  • Single-origin and certified products

Innovative Tea Aromas

Our Tea Aromas are the perfect pairing to our versatile line of tea extract solutions, adding depth of flavour and aromatic experience to deliver an authentic brewed tea beverage. Our uniquely crafted aromas provide:
  • Premium & Robust Taste
  • Authentic notes of fresh brewed tea
  • Green, Black, Specialty blends

Rich Coffee Extracts

Using our custom state-of-the-art extraction systems in both Rhode Island and Texas, we ensure the highest-quality coffee extracts, capturing the natural flavour and aroma characteristics of the origin bean. With over 100 years’ experience in coffee, Finlays has the history and expertise to meet your needs. We partner with you by providing:
  • Premium Liquid Coffee Extracts and Coffee on Demand
  • Cold Brew Coffee Extracts and Concentrates
  • Coffee Syrups and Concentrates
  • Freeze Dried and Spray Dried Coffee

Premium Cold Brew Coffee

Finlays is the leading producer of cold brew coffee extracts in the US. For more than 25 years we’ve been extracting and concentrating Pure Cold Brew coffee. With incredibly smooth flavor and great drinkability, our Pure Cold Brew is smoother and less acidic than those made with traditional brew methods.
  • Steeped using no pressure or heat to create a refreshing coffee
  • Variety of taste profiles from straight black to perfectly flavoured
  • Customized solutions including: beans, roasts, concentration levels, and packaging

Sustainable Tea and Coffee Sourcing

To meet our customers’ needs, we source tea from across the key growing regions of the world. This includes from our own tea farms in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Argentina, as well as our new processing facility in China. We also source from Malawi, Indonesia and India, and coffee from Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua and many more.

Finlays' Service Locations in the Americas

Finlays Americas has extensive operations across the Americas, including:

  • Rhode Island, US (our headquarters): blending, packing, manufacturing, sales office and Innovation Centre
  • New Jersey, US: Blending, packing and sales office
  • San Antonio, Texas, US: manufacturing
  • Misiones, Argentina: tea farms, manufacturing, blending and sales office
  • Chile: third party manufacturing