Beverage Application Experts: Finlays Tea, Coffee and Extracts

The Art and Science of Flavour

At Finlays, we don’t just supply the tea, coffee and extracts, we offer applications expertise to transform these products into beverages that surprise and delight consumers. The beverage creation process is a delicate fusion of art and science that combines flavour know-how, consumer insight, technical expertise and strategic nous. These creations are customisable to cater to our customers’ needs.

Our Applications Teams

Our expert Beverage Applications Teams have a strong track-record in working alongside our customers to create differentiated products that tap into rising trends, meet consumer demand and help you stay ahead of the curve. 

With Application Centres globally, our team is made up of food scientists and culinary specialists with deep expertise in the formulation of extracts into a variety of food and beverage items. Our global presence and vertically-integrated supply chain means we can take a holistic approach to beverage creations, whether that’s proactively suggesting new ideas, or collaborating with you to create applications that solve a specific consumer need.

Applications Expertise

Finlays offers applications expertise and leadership across beverages and beyond. Our particular applications expertise lies in: 

Hot Tea and Infusions

Hot Tea and

Iced Tea


Hot Coffee


Cold Brew Coffee


RTD and Soft Drinks

RTD and
Soft Drinks

Energy and Sports Drinks

Energy and
Sports Beverages

Alcoholic Beverages


Juices, Smoothies and Dairy

Juices, Smoothies
and Dairy

Herbal Drinks


Our Beverage Applications Services

Market Trends and Consumer Insight

Whether it’s providing the latest intel on established macro-trends, or insight into emerging products and opportunities, Finlays can help you to take advantage. Our experienced Insights Team tracks, analyses and predicts emerging trends and how they’re adopted globally. With deep category knowledge on both flavour and consumer trends, the Insights Team play a vital role in the strategic development of new opportunities.  

Finlays’ Concept Labs

We’re able to offer collaborative sessions in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Our Taste Application and Sensory Specialists provide comprehensive advice on product development and application, regional regulations, raw material supply, processing technologies and supply chain solutions. We work with our customers from product conception all the way to execution, ranging from developing established global brands to fostering the first steps of young start-ups.

Product Innovation

Something truly exceptional to set your products apart in a crowded market. From creating bespoke blends to developing inventive new ways for consumers to enjoy beverages, we have the unique capability to innovate all the way through, from bush to finished product, tailored to your requirements.

Global Understanding and Reach

With on-the-ground expertise on nearly every continent, we have a deep understanding of consumer taste profiling, regional trends and markets, enabling us to support customers’ development in new and unfamiliar territories. Because we operate worldwide, we know the most reliable suppliers, distribution networks and production facilities and can provide guidance when you’re making those all-important first connections when expanding into exciting but uncharted waters.

Applications Expertise

Finlays offers applications expertise and leadership across beverages and beyond. Our particular applications expertise lies in: