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Tap into health and wellness trends with Finlays' range of Botanical Extracts

Finlays is a trusted global botanical extract supplier. Through Damin in China, we supply botanicals to beverage brand owners and more, providing expertise on blending and applications.  

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Leading Supplier of Herbal and Botanical Extracts – A Natural Choice for Beverage Brands

Our access to a wide range of herbal and fruit product extracts offers you a broad spectrum of choice when it comes to flavouring their food and beverage products. Our product offering enables you to find ingredients that will align to your products to the growing trends of health and wellness. Through our wide range of plant and fruit extracts you can add natural sweetness and reduce calorie content, using all-natural ingredients

We offer a variety of extracts from herbs, cereals, fruit, vegetables, flowers and natural sweeteners and our products are available in liquid, powder, and aroma formats. Of these, many are also EU compliant.

Discover Our Herbal and Botanical Extract Solutions

Herbal Powder Extracts

A water-extracted herbal solid that’s used as functional ingredient in beverages 

Tea Herbal Concentrate Extracts

Water-extracted herbal solution that’s been concentrated to be used as functional ingredient in beverages 

Fruit & Veg Powder Extracts

A water-extracted fruit or vegetable solid that is used as a functional ingredient, natural colouring or flavouring, reducing the need for artificial flavourings. 

Compound Herbal Concentrates and Powder Mixes

A mix of herbal concentrates or powders to be used in functional beverages.

Natural Sweetener Extracts

Purified mogroside V extracted from monk fruit, classified by mogroside V purity levels. Used as natural sweetener in beverages, an alternative to stevia and other artificial sweeteners. 

Certified Supplier of Botanical and Herbal Extracts

We supply botanical extracts with the following certifications: