James Finlay Kenya - A Leading Producer and Supplier of Kenyan Tea

On our tea farms in Kericho, to the west of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, we plant, pluck and prepare millions of kilograms of fine highgrown black, green and organic teas. Finlays has been processing tea in Kenya for almost 100 years.

Located around 2,000m above sea level, in total we produce 28m kgs of made tea every year. Our tea benefits from the deep rich loam soils which are high in organic content.

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Finlays Locations in Kenya

Finlays is one of the largest suppliers of Kenyan tea. In addition to our sourcing and packing operation in Mombasa, we have an extensive operation in Kericho which includes: 

  • 9 tea farms
  • 4 leaf tea factories
  • 1 tea extracts factory

Finlays' Kenyan Teas

We can produce a wide variety of Kenyan teas to meet our customers’ demand. Tea from Kenya is very bright, colourful, with a reddish coppery tint and a pleasant brisk flavour.

At our Kenyan tea farms, we produce everything from CTC and orthodox black and green tea, as well as white and purple tea.  Our teas are available with a wide range of certifications including Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade.

Kenyan Speciality Teas

At James Finlay Kenya, we produce the following “marks” from the factories indicated below:

  • Changana Tea Factory: Matuta and Chemamul
  • Chomogonday Tea Factory: Tiluet, Masingi, Chemase (organic), Kijani (green)
  • Kitumbe Tea Factory (Fairtrade): Kapsongoi, Chemase (organic), Tenduet, Milima (orthodox)
  • Kymulot Tea Factory: Bondet, Sisiba

Saosa: Tea Extracts from Fresh Green Leaf

Saosa is one of the few tea extraction facilities actually based on a tea farm anywhere in the world. This means we can harvest and extract from fresh green leaf on the same day including premium products containing sought-after compounds such as Polyphenols, Catechins and L-Theanine. This gives the tea extracts the true taste of green tea leaf tea. At Saosa, we produce a wide range of tea powders and aromas, including premium products.

Kericho Community

Our people are at the heart of our business in Kenya. We employ 7,000 people who live on our farms. We provide them and their families, with housing, schooling and medical services. Welfare infrastructure includes 13 dispensaries, 14 primary schools, 50 nursery schools and two secondary schools.

As a leading Kenyan tea supplier, we are always striving for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Our vision for energy supply is to be completely self-sufficient in electrical and thermal energy by 2030. Our aspiration is to generate all this energy in carbon-neutral generating plants.

Kericho Environment

As the leading Kenyan tea supplier, we are always striving for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We’re working towards being completely self-sufficient in electrical energy, and are already self-sufficient in thermal energy.  Our aspiration is to generate all this energy in carbon neutral generating plants.  Today, we benefit from having access to large areas of forestry, of which we fell around 250 hectares per annum of timber.  This timber is used to provide carbon neutral, thermal energy by burning the wood.