Finlays Tea Extracts, Kenya

Finlays Tea Extracts, Kenya is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tea extracts to the global market. One of the world’s only tea extraction facilities situated on a tea farm, we combine deep agricultural know-how and the ability to extract from fresh tea leaf on the same day as harvesting. This makes us ideally placed to help you capitalise on the global mega-trend for healthy, natural and sustainable products.

Our Approach to Tea Extracts

As a trusted leader in premium tea extracts with 60 years’ experience in tea extraction innovation, Finlays is ideally placed to help you unlock the high-growth potential of natural and functional beverages. Our unique approach helps us produce tea extracts that are rich in naturally-derived bioactive compounds, helping you unlock opportunities in the health and wellness mega-trend.

We have decades of experience in growing and extracting tea in Kenya. Coupled with our vertically-integrated supply chain, this gives us unparalleled agricultural understanding, bush to cup traceability and the ability to create bespoke tea extract solutions.

At Finlays Tea Extracts, Kenya We Are Able to Produce Extracts That Are:

Made from tea grown at high altitude. Our tea plants in Kenya grow at an altitude of around 2,000m above sea level, where temperatures are generally lower and ultraviolet radiation (UV-radiation) from the sun is blocked less by the atmosphere. This helps to reduce growth speed and forces the plant to protect itself, therefore producing more polyphenols (catechins). Slower growth in higher altitudes however has also been found to favour general tea quality.

Made from leaf tea with a naturally higher polyphenol content. Finlays only grows the tea cultivar Camellia sinensis var. assamica which has generally a higher polyphenol content then other species of the Camellia sinensis family.

Sustainably sourced. Our tea extraction facility, sits at the heart of a tea farming community in Kericho and all extracts are 100% traceable and certified.

Able to be harvested and extracted from fresh leaf on the same day. With the only tea extraction facility located on a tea farm in the whole of Africa, Finlays can harvest tea leaf and process it into extract within the same day. This prevents degradation of the valuable oxygen-sensitive ingredients, and we believe this also preserves the fresh flavour of tea and its natural composition.

Extracted using only an aqueous extraction of the leaves. To preserve the rich amount of naturally-derived bioactive compounds from leaf to extract, we apply only an aqueous extraction of the tea leaves with water derived from a spring, which arises from the Mau Forest in the Kericho highlands.

Allow clean labelling claims. Our tea extracts are free-from added chemicals, preservatives, pesticides and non-aqueous solvents.

All of this results in a range of exceptional tea extract solutions that are rich in bioactive compounds linked to the functional and wellness benefits, that can offer the sensory experience of fresh tea in convenient extract form and that are 100% traceable.