Adult Soft Drinks: Consumers Turn to Natural Ingredients

The market for carbonated drinks is changing as tastes evolve alongside growing health concerns. Consumer demand for natural ingredients is increasing.

At Finlays, our mission is to connect humans through natural beverages. From bush to cup, the combination of innovation and tradition aims to create a happier and healthier world. With health and wellness becoming a key concern among consumers in European markets[1], Finlays offers solutions in the form of diverse types of extracts for naturally flavoured soft drinks.

The growing demand for natural flavours in soft drinks in Europe

Across Europe, many consumers are now looking for healthier and more natural beverage options as preferences turn away from traditional carbonated drinks.[2]  It’s no wonder that the popularity of naturally flavoured soft drinks is rising, as they also provide an array of associated benefits, including an absence of artificial flavours and additives.[3]

The focus on healthy indulgence for natural soft drinks

The pandemic increased awareness around health[4], leading many to make general lifestyle changes such as switching to natural beverages that align with an improved lifestyle. Natural soft drinks are an alternative to traditional sugary drinks, which are well known to contain preservatives and synthetic ingredients. Finlays natural ingredients, such as botanicals, herbal and fruit infusions as well as tea extracts, can provide consumers with a healthy indulgent drinking experience. With fewer calories, less sugar and fewer artificial flavours, colours and preservatives these ingredients help to deliver a wonderfully refreshing drink.

Flavour innovations in natural carbonated soft drinks

The flavours in traditional carbonated drinks are often synthetic and high in sugar. However, new, healthier, and natural soft drinks have gained popularity through their use of plant-based extracts which are associated with being rich in nutrients, minerals and antioxidants.[5]

The aromatic yet refreshing notes of herbal extracts can combine with numerous fruit-infused and botanical blends, providing a unique and delicious drink. Plus, these extracts are rich in highly sought-after bioactive compounds adding value through various wellness benefits[6].

Consumers’ adventurousness with natural flavoured extracts

Consumers are becoming more and more adventurous with their beverage preferences. Exciting, new, and globally sourced flavours are giving brand owners the ability to develop new innovative flavours, enhancing the drinking experience for all.

Here at Finlays, we are experts in blending cereals, botanicals, herbs, fruit, and even vegetables to offer a broad spectrum of choices for beverage products. With our expertise, you can create new flavour profiles and aromas to excite the senses, whilst reaping the perks of producing a soft drink with health benefits.

A multi-sensory experience with Tea Aromas

Your soft drink can be a multi-sensory experience; it can be visually appealing, the bottle can fit well in your hand, it can taste refreshing and delicious, and it can smell nice too.

Tea Aroma is a fantastic way to enhance not only the taste of your product but also make it smell delicious before you even drink it. Tea Aroma can be combined with blends of other ingredients to produce unique flavours for your product and are often found in a variety of products including pre-mixed RTDs, Enhanced Water, and Alcoholic Drinks[7]. Through our wide range of plant and fruit extracts, you can add natural sweetness and reduce calorie content, using all-natural ingredients.

Tea Aromas are an excellent option to push products that step further to create a drinking experience that excites all the senses.

Finlays’ natural tea extracts

If you are looking for flavour innovations, Tea Aromas can be used to enhance your product’s drinking experience. With several products to choose from, Finlays can help give your product a refreshing boost.

Finlays’ Flavoured Water Range elevates water with natural Tea Aromas. Naturally colourless, sugar-free, and minimally processed, they can help transform still and sparking water into a sensory beverage experience, full of the flavour that your consumers crave. Tea aromas can help you tap into the growing trend of consumers looking for a healthier carbonated drink as an alternative to traditional fizzy drinks[8].

Indeed, the trend for an adult soft drink that aligns with healthier and more sustainable values is on the rise so much that across Europe 1 in 5 consumers are reducing their consumption of artificial flavours, colours, and sweeteners[9].

Finlays Flavoured Water Range is incredibly versatile, allowing for clean labelling, and naturally fresh ingredients whilst being sustainable and 100% traceable.


There is a growing trend for healthier versions of traditional soft drinks. Adults across Europe are looking for sustainable and sugar-free carbonated drinks as concerns around health have increased since the pandemic. Finlays can help provide you with natural ingredients that can create a product that is a multi-sensory experience without losing any of the flavour that is expected for carbonated soft drinks. Click here to find out more and speak to one of our team.


Enhance your beverage experience with natural Tea Aromas, creating a delightful blend of taste and aroma in adult soft drinks. Explore our sustainable, sugar-free options and embrace the trend for healthier, visually appealing soft drinks. Discover more on our website or get in touch today.



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