Finlays Flavoured Water

Enhance water with natural tea aroma

Flavoured and Enhanced Water is one of the biggest trends in the beverage industry today. In Europe, both categories combined are forecast to grow by +19% between 2021-2026, reaching a total value of €4.6bn i as consumers seek out new, interesting and healthy ways to hydrate.

Elevate water with natural tea aroma

Tea aroma is the natural vapour that is captured during the aqueous tea extraction process and then concentrated into a fragrant and flavourful liquid. Studies have shown 80% of the taste we experience is through scent alone.

Tea aroma helps transform still and sparkling waters into sensory beverage experiences your consumers crave. Our distilled tea aromas are naturally colourless, calorie and sugar free, helping you tap into consumer demand for clean, minimally processed, natural products.

What beverages are consumers looking for?

Exciting and refreshing flavours

62% of UK consumers don't drink enough water. They want exciting flavours to help them hydrate healthily ii.

Low sugar and clean labels

1 in 5 European consumers are trying to reduce consumption of artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners, looking for clean labels instead iii.

Sparkling or carbonated formats

Consumers are turning to sparkling and carbonated water as healthier alternatives to sugary, fizzy drinks iv.

Sustainable and traceable

76% of European consumers agree that sustainability is key when choosing a beverage to purchase v.

Transform water beverages with the true and authentic flavour of fresh leaf tea

We combine our bush-to-cup supply chain in tea with leading extraction capabilities to create a diverse range of cold infusion tea, brought to you by The Wellbeing Collection.

Captured at the perfect moment

Our liquid, colourless aromas are captured directly from fresh leaf extracts using aqueous extraction with water derived from a spring in the Mau Forest.

Naturally fresh

We believe our unique approach to tea aroma helps preserve the freshness of flavour and aromatics without bitterness or astringency.

Allows clean labelling claims

Our Wellbeing Tea Aromas are naturally calorie and sugar free and are free from preservatives, added chemicals and non-aqueous solvents.

Brilliantly versatile beverages

Our Tea Aromas are versatile across still and sparkling formats, offering a well-balanced flavour profile that shine on their own or layer brilliantly with countless flavour combinations.


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