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Finlays is one of the world’s largest tea extracts suppliers and producers, and one of the world’s leading companies in growing, sourcing and manufacturing fully traceable, high-quality and sustainable tea extract solutions. We offer a versatile portfolio of tea extracts and tea concentrates to suit your needs, and work proactively with you to create the perfect product for your consumers.

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What is the Consumer Looking For?

Today’s consumer is more discerning than ever before. As well as refreshment and great taste, consumers are increasingly looking for products that offer more. More in terms of functional benefits, and more in terms of ethical credentials and sustainable sourcing. They’re also more demanding of brands to share and live their values. In short, consumers don’t just want food and beverages, they want to taste an aspirational lifestyle.

While these factors were once a “nice-to-have”, they’re increasingly essential as differentiators in a crowded landscape.

What This Means for Brand Owners

At Finlays, we understand that meeting this consumer demand is easier said than done. In a world where consumer demand evolves rapidly and supply chains are ever more complex, responding confidently and quickly to market trends poses several challenges and risks to brands. When it comes to tea extracts, consistency and quality of ingredients, simplicity of sourcing and production, compliance issues and unclear provenance are all common challenges.

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Trust. Sustainability. Innovation.
Why Finlays as your Tea Extracts Supplier?

At Finlays, we draw on decades of tea extraction experience and our vertically-integrated supply chain to simplify and de-risk the process of producing tea extracts. We do this while adding unparalleled value to our customers, our communities, our environment and our people, enriching the lives of all those who touch our products.

Trusted leaders of the tea industry.

Founded in 1750, our rich history and role as leaders in the tea industry means we are trusted partners to the world’s largest and most prestigious food and beverage companies.

A global network.

Finlays is one of the world’s largest tea extracts producers, by volume, with an extensive global tea extract manufacturing network which spans Kenya, China and Chile (our operation in China is a joint venture with Damin, and we have a contract manufacturer in Chile). This gives our customers access to a flexible portfolio of tea extracts to meet their exact need.

A fully transparent supply chain.

Thanks to our vertically-integrated supply chain which starts on our own farms, Finlays can offer you tea extracts that are fully traceable from bush to cup. This decreases risk, offers peace of mind on product quality and provenance, and increases consistency of production and supply.

Stronger on sustainability.

At Finlays, Sustainability isn’t just an initiative, it’s one of our core values at the heart of how we operate. This is guided by our sustainability strategy Sustainable Future and driven by our global sustainability community of change agents with technical expertise. For our customers, this means reduced risk as well as the ability to tap into the increasing consumer demand for sustainably and ethically sourced products.

Technical excellence.

When you partner with Finlays as your tea extracts supplier, you get the benefit of tea extraction expertise from a business that pioneered the process nearly 60 years ago in Kenya. Today, we continue to pioneer technical developments in tea ingredient extraction. Our Global Technical and Quality Assurance Teams play a vital role in ensuring ingredient consistency and integrity as well as regulatory compliance.

Understanding of the global and local consumer.

With consumer demand evolving rapidly, we understand the value of being able to pinpoint what your consumer is looking for, even if they themselves don’t realise it yet. Thanks to our Global Insights Team, Finlays is ideally placed to partner with our customers to tap into these trends.

Applications expertise.

Finlays isn't just a tea extracts supplier, we help you to unlock long-term value through our proven applications expertise. Whatever your desired application, we can work with you to choose the right extract to create the perfect product for your needs.

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