Leading Experts in Premium Cold Brew Coffee

Sourced Coffee Beans

100% of our green bean coffee is directly sourced at origin for full traceability


Our cold brew is extracted for distinctly smooth, deliciously rich flavour 

100% PURE
Cold Brew Coffee

Our pure cold brew delivers a premium, sensorial experience like no other

Cold Brew Solutions

We  work closely with you to create reliable, consistent and tailored solutions


Cold brew coffee is leading the next global wave of coffee culture. In the UK, consumption of RTD cold brew has increased +60% in the last three years i.


of consumers are
willing to pay more
for cold brew

Our unique process delivers pure, consistent and exceptional quality cold brew every timeii.


of consumers want unique coffee experiences

Our cold brew is triple-filtered for rich flavour, offering a sensory experience like no otheriii.


of consumers say health credentials influence their choice of beverages

Our cold brew is gently extracted for low acidity and smoothness, and contains no added sugariv.


of consumers look for sustainable food and drink options

Our global network and integrated supply chain ensures our coffee is sustainable and 100% traceablev.

Our Unique Cold Brew Coffee Extraction Process

Meticulously Sourced Coffee Beans

100% of our green beans are sourced directly at origin for quality assurance and full traceability.

Masterfully Roasted Coffee

Our coffees are carefully roasted using our Lila Hybrid Drum Roaster at our nearby Yorkshire roastery.

Beautifully Blended Coffee

We create blends to match your desired roast profile or develop bespoke profiles that brilliantly balance cold brew methods with your consumer’s tastes.

Expertly Ground Coffee

We calibrate our grinding for the extraction of the best flavours from the coffee. This also ensures clarity and brightness of liquor as well as optimal flavour.

Questions to Ask Your Potential Cold Brew Partner

What is unique about your cold brew product?

Finlays’ bespoke, gravity fed technology involves no heat or pressure, and is designed to gently extract the finest flavours from the bean resulting in premium barista-quality, distinctly smooth and deliciously rich cold brew.

What is your production process and how does it deliver a long, stable shelf life as well as a reliable level of consistency?

Our carefully roast and ground coffee is steeped in ambient temperature, filtered water and is stored in an inert atmosphere to reduce oxygen contact. This stabilises and enhances the shelf life to guarantee consistency, reliability and prevent degradation of flavour.

Do you have an integrated supply chain?

Finlays customers benefit from our expansive global network and integrated supply chain to provide fully traceable, scalable solutions.

How long have you been producing or supplying cold brew?

Finlays have over 111 years of expertise in sourcing, blending and roasting coffee and have been pioneering market-leading cold brew solutions for over 35 years where we founded our proprietary extraction technology in the U.S.

How do you source your beans? What sustainability commitments and accreditations can you offer?

100% of Finlays green coffee beans are sourced directly from origin, offering quality assurance and full traceability.

Can you match my current roast profile or create bespoke blends suited my consumer’s needs?

Finlays unrivalled expertise in sourcing, roasting and blending coffee means we are able to create blends that match our customer’s desired roast profiles or develop bespoke profiles that brilliantly balance cold brew methods aligned to consumer tastes.

How do you process your green coffee beans prior to extraction to get the best out of them?

Finlays’ coffees are carefully roasted using our state-of-the-art Lilla hybrid drum roaster and then masterfully blended to ensure they are conducive to cold brew methods.

Can you offer flexible packaging formats to suit my needs?

Finlays offer a range of flexible packaging formats ranging from bulk concentrate, bag-in-box and ready to drink solutions.

Can you support my growth aspirations to scale and proactively help develop future innovations?

Finlays’ team has a wealth of expertise and a strong track-record in proactively working alongside our customers to develop differentiate products that tap into rising trends, meet consumer demand, and help them demonstrate themselves as market leaders.

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