Cold Brew Coffee: Why Your Brand Should Invest in This Growing Coffee Trend

If you are asking yourself, “what is cold brew coffee?” then look no further. Unlike traditional brewing methods that use hot water, cold brew coffee is brewed using cold or room temperature water. The process extracts flavour and caffeine from coffee beans, resulting in a smooth, less acidic, and naturally sweet beverage that can be enjoyed over ice or diluted with water or milk.

This delicious beverage is translating into profits for businesses too. Cold brew has seen its market value grow to $2.3 billion in the U.S, up 213% since 2016[1]. Could Europe be the next big market?

Why Cold Brew Coffee Appeals to the European Market

Cold brew is the fastest-growing segment in RTD/Iced Coffee, a market valued at €1.4 billion[2], and cold brew coffee suppliers like Finlays are taking notice. This can be attested to the high-quality, versatile, and flavourful profile of cold brew coffee. We also know that these trends will drive further consumption:

  • Experimentation: Research shows that 83% of consumers expect innovative flavours and new experiences in convenient grab-and-go formats to fit in with their busy lifestyles [3]. Consumers can experiment with cold brew coffee in various ways, such as adding it to mocktails and cocktails.
  • Premiumisation: 63% of consumers are seeking premium experiences that emphasise unique brew methods, craft and artisan credentials and origin.[4] Europeans view cold brew as a premium beverage experience.
  • Differentiation: The uniqueness of cold brew coffee makes coffee moments extra special. The coffee market is flooded, but cold brew coffee offers differentiation in terms of quality and taste.

Cold Brew Vs. Other Coffee Extracts

For brand owners, pure cold brew presents a multitude of advantages that set it apart from other coffee extracts, making it a clear choice for several reasons:

A Premium Experience: Cold brew offers a luxurious coffee experience that’s smooth, rich, and utterly satisfying. It’s the epitome of coffee craftsmanship.

A Healthier Alternative: Health-conscious consumers are turning to cold brew as a healthier option. With lower perceived acidity and a naturally sweet taste, it’s the perfect alternative to traditional coffee extracts[5].

A Natural Caffeine Source: Natural energy drink brands have seen explosive growth as consumers looks for natural caffeine sources such as cold brew coffee. It’s the choice for those seeking a boost without artificial additives.

All-Day Enjoyment: Unlike hot coffee, which is often reserved for the morning, cold brew offers a refreshing experience suitable for any time of day. It’s a 24/7 delight.

Versatile Across Applications:

Cold brew’s versatility branches across multiple applications, such as in beverages or other ready-to-drink (RTD) products, in dairy-based consumables like yoghurts and milkshakes, alcohol, or even cakes and other culinary treats. The possibilities with cold brew are endless.

Drive Value Into Your Coffee Offering with Finlays

At Finlays, we’re on a mission to help you capitalise on the explosive growth of cold brew coffee. We do this by combining our global expertise with pioneering cold brew extraction capabilities to deliver high-quality solutions. We offer:

Customised Creation with the Cold Brew Experts:

Our deep knowledge in coffee sourcing, roasting, and blending empowers us to craft bespoke cold brew solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

100% Direct Sourcing for Traceability and Variety:

We source 100% of our green bean coffee directly at its origin, ensuring full traceability and access to a diverse array of coffee profiles.

Roasting Mastery:

Our coffees are expertly roasted and masterfully blended to create high ground coffee that is optimised for extraction.

Global Network, Reliable Supply:

Our expansive global network and integrated supply chain guarantee risk-free traceability, reliability, and scalability for our customers.

Pure Cold Brew You Can Depend On:

Our unique, gravity-fed technology involves no heat or pressure, gently extracting the finest flavours from the beans. The result is a premium-quality, exceptionally smooth, and deliciously rich cold brew.

Preserving Excellence:

Our process is optimised to preserve the flavour, clarity, and character of each brew while ensuring shelf stability, consistency, and reliability.

Customised Cold Brew Solutions:

We collaborate closely with our customers to create custom cold brew solutions, versatile across a range of applications, and available in flexible packaging formats tailored to your specific needs.

Embracing Finlays’ expertise in crafting premium-quality cold brew solutions means immersing yourself in a world of quality, innovation, and customisation. Elevate your brand with Finlays and discover the true essence of pure, smooth, and indulgent cold brew coffee. As a premium cold brew coffee supplier, find out how Finlays can help you unlock long-term value growth through our proven applications expertise here.



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