How do retailers nationwide perfect their signature ready-to-drink coffees?

With their secret ingredient: the right partner

At Finlays, we have the whole package when it comes to private label coffee. From brewing to packaging we will help create your signature private label coffee. Our history and expertise has enabled the success of brands nationwide for decades — now it’s your turn.

Let’s talk about discovering the coffee you’ll be famous for...

Full-Service Coffee Solutions

Achieving your very own custom private label ready-to-drink coffee is closer than you realize.

We make creating your private label coffee easy by offering a full-service solution. We handle everything from sourcing the raw ingredients to brand development, through processing, blending, packaging all the way to fulfilment.

Private Label Retail Packaging Options

Finlays makes selecting your private label cold brew packaging simple.

We offer multi-serve or single-serve ready-to-drink options, and can make a delicious finished product in packaging that your customers will love.

  • Plastic Bottles PET 32 oz & 48 oz custom
  • Glass Bottles 10 oz & 32 oz

Making the Product you Need, How you Want it:
Our commitment to customization

Premium Cold Brew Coffee

Brewed low and slow, Finlays cold brew is crafted using ambient temperature water with no pressure and no heat, creating a perfectly balanced flavour that customers crave.

Our Pure Cold Brew is smoother and less acidic than those made with traditional new methods.

Premium Hot Brew Extracts

Using our state-of-the-art extraction systems in both Rhode Island and Texas, we ensure high quality coffee extracts.

We capture the natural flavor and aroma characteristics of the origin bean to create rich, flavorful coffee extracts.