A Leading Producer and Supplier of Sustainably Certified Team from Guizhou, China

Unleash the Global Potential of Chinese Tea

Located in Guizhou Province, James Finlay Guizhou is our innovative operation that helps beverage brand owners unlock the global potential of Chinese tea by supplying risk-free, traceable tea from China through our ground-breaking sustainable sourcing model.

As well as peace of mind, we offer our customers access to a versatile range of Chinese teas infused with a compelling backstory, and the ability to effortlessly scale to meet their needs.

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Unleash the Global Potential of Chinese Tea

Trusted, Risk-free Chinese Tea. Tea from James Finlay Guizhou is 100% traceable, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and compliant with controls on pesticide limits in the US and EU.

A Differentiated and Versatile Range of Products Grown in an Ancient Tea Origin. James Finlay Guizhou offers a variety of Chinese teas grown in an area closely associated with the very beginnings of tea as a beverage.

A Truly Sustainable Model. When you partner with James Finlay Guizhou, you join a ground-breaking movement to support and develop farming communities in Guizhou both now, and in the future. James Finlay Guizhou gives customers the chance to share in this innovative, people-powered story, helping you to meet your own sustainability goals as well as consumer demand for ethical products.

Highly Scalable. Situated in China’s largest tea growing province, James Finlay Guizhou can effortlessly scale supply as your needs grow.

Unleash The Potential of Chinese Tea With James Finlay Guizhou

Sourcing Tea from China’s Largest Tea Growing Province

Guizhou is now China’s largest tea growing province following a government initiative which saw large scale planting over the last 15 years and there are now more than 400,000 hectares of tea planted with the Tongren area alone having over 10,0000 hectares. 

Despite this recently renewed focus on growing tea in Guizhou, the province may actually be considered the true birthplace of tea, as it lies at the heart of where the tea plant is thought to have first originated and is the site of the discovery of the world’s oldest fossilised tea seeds.

Although it is now China’s largest tea growing province, much of the tea planted in Guizhou is rarely harvested outside the early spring season. This is due to a lack of knowledge, resources and experience to meet export market needs such as assured sales and certification standards.

100% Traceable, Risk-Free and Ethically Sourced Tea from China

China is an essential tea origin, prized globally by consumers for its variety and its heritage as the birthplace of tea. We established James Finlay Guizhou in 2018 to help unleash the true global potential of Chinese tea for beverage brand owners.

To do this, we pioneered a sourcing model that provides a clear and transparent global supply chain, offering our customers complete transparency on where and how the Chinese tea they buy has been grown and processed. We source tea from tea farms owned by small and medium scale farmers of which nearly all are certified under Rainforest Alliance.

With our unique sourcing model James Finlay Guizhou is able to increase supplier numbers and volumes of compliant tea very quickly. We work closely with farmers providing knowledge and expertise to help them achieve certification and grow their businesses, while offering them a trusted route to international markets.

When you buy tea from James Finlay Guizhou, you can be sure that it is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified, compliant with controls on pesticide limits in the US and EU, sustainably-sourced, traceable and risk-free.

An innovative model, powered by Dedicated Farmers

At the heart of our model are small and medium scale farmers who grow and primary process the tea we source. Our dedicated team builds trusted and long-term supplier relationships, offering extensive knowledge, education and support to farm and process tea sustainably and achieve Rainforest Alliance certification, while improving yield and consistency. Providing farmers with a dedicated route to international markets offers them a return on their investment, not to mention stability and security of income. In turn, this offers a positive economic impact to their communities. We don’t just do this because we believe it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s integral to how our model works.

For our customers, this means that when you buy tea from James Finlay Guizhou, you can not only tap into consumer demand for Chinese tea, but for tea with a powerful backstory.

Chinese Tea from Finlays Guizhou

A wide variety of Chinese teas are available from James Finlay Guizhou. These include:

  • Green tea – Orthodox, Steamed, Pan-fired, Chunmee and blends
  • Black tea – Orthodox and Rotorvane
  • White – Broken and Fannings Organic – Black, Green and White
  • Make To Order Speciality Spring types (leafy, fancy), in March-May of each year

Our dedicated team of trained tasters are able to analyse the sensory properties of the leaf and combine them into blends that meet our customers’ needs. They also collaborate with producers to help them to grow and process the types of tea we need for our customers’ blends. This gives us the flexibility to come up with new and improved types of tea thanks to access to smaller-scale primary processing facilities, and access to a wide range of varietals.

All teas are Rainforest Alliance certified.

A Flexible State-of-the-art Tea Processing Facility

Our state-of-the-art secondary processing facility is where we refine, grade, blend and pack tea ready to be shipped to international customers. The facility currently has a single-shift capacity of 3,600 MT per year, and we have the space to triple this as we grow.

Our facility has the following production certifications: FSSC22000, ISO22000:2018, Chinese HACCP, Kosher, Halal.