Leading Black Tea Supplier

Black Tea makes up just under 70% of the world’s tea production and is made from the Camellia sinensis plant going through an oxidation process.

We have a presence in all major tea producing countries, as well as our own farms and processing facilities in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Argentina and China, and packing sites strategically located across the world.  This means we are able to source and supply CTC and Orthodox black teas as single farm or blends bespoke to our customers’ demands. 

Finlays Black Tea Selection

Among the types of black tea we supply are:

  • Orthodox black tea – produced using the traditional methods of tea production, orthodox black teas are rolled and pressed to deliver the most authentic flavour experience 

  • CTC black tea – producing finer tea leaves, CTC tea is ideally suited for black tea bags or quick infuse applications while maintaining its distinctive flavour

  • Bespoke blends – create unique flavours with guidance from our applications experts for a black tea that is truly original

Black Tea Applications

Loose Leaf



Loose leaf black tea