Global Tea Packing & Blending Experts

Blending is a critical part of the process to preserve long-term consistency of our taste profiles. Our team of tea experts are always ready to help create the perfect blend for you, drawing on their extensive expertise and experience. Whether it’s a specific blend you’re looking for, matching an existing tea blend or something that perfectly meets the taste profile of your customer, we can help.

Tea Packing & Blending Facilities with Finlays

As one of the only companies in the world with global tea packing facilities, we offer a truly unique supply proposition to global businesses with operations or products in multiple regions.

Global Tea Packaging

Our tea packing sites, spread across the globe, give our customer the added benefit of having a one supplier solution into a vast number of their markets. From raw material intake to the perfect packed product in dispatch, we are committed to quality at every stage of the cultivating and packing process.

We take pride in our product expertise, attributable to our loyal and knowledgeable workforce and an on-going investment in research and development. We are also deeply proud of the longevity of our customer relationships and the partnerships we have forged over centuries.

We are continually developing bespoke tea blends, for global beverage brand owners, food service outlets and own label retailers. At Finlays we can provide a full solution tea packing service, from string & tag, fuso bags, caddies or loose leaf. If you need a packed and delivered product, we can fulfil.

Find out more about our tea packing and blending operations in the UK, Sri Lanka and Kenya

Tea blending at Finlays
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