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What is Decaffeinated Tea?

Decaffeinated tea is simply tea with no caffeine present. Decaf tea differs from caffeine-free teas such as chamomile or peppermint, in that the caffeine is initially present in the tea and then removed later in the process.

Finlays Decaf Tea Selection

Among the range of decaf teas we supply are:

  • Black tea – one of the most popular teas in the world, our decaf black tea selection is an idea alternative to this traditional tea variety  

  • Green tea – originating from our farms in China and Japan, decaf green tea allows for traditional variety to be enjoyed by those looking to avoid caffeine, but with the same refreshing taste

  • Oolong tea – partially fermented tea originating from China and Sri Lanka, decaffeination allows for the health benefits of Oolong to be more widely enjoyed

Finlays is a leading manufacturer and supplier of decaffeinated tea. Decaf tea is a good alternative to those who want a great-tasting cup of tea while avoiding caffeine.

Decaffeinated Tea Applications

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