Finlays Sustainability Report 2023

Finlays is pleased to announce the launch of its annual sustainability report 2023.

This is the first time Finlays is reporting on the progress made against its Sustainable Future 2030 strategy which launched in January 2023 and is focussed on taking action today, for the beverages of tomorrow. Through Sustainable Future 2030, Finlays is committed to ambitious and measurable targets across the three core areas of Climate Net Zero, Sustainable Supply and Our People.

Highlights from our 2023 report include:

  • Submitting net-zero targets to SBTi
  • Developing an HRDD gap analysis and action plan
  • Joining World Coffee Research
  • 94% of waste being recycled, re-used or reclaimed
  • 82% of energy coming from renewable sources
  • 100% traceable tea and 94% traceable green bean coffee

James Woodrow, Group Managing Director, Finlays said, “I am pleased to report that Finlays has continued to make good progress against our sustainability plans. I am proud of the strides we have made in establishing our new sustainability strategy, Sustainable Future 2030, which puts our business on the right footing for the years to come. Our commitment to being a sustainable business is central to our future ambitions and growth.”

Joe Yalley-Ogunro, Finlays Group Head of Sustainability, said, “This report marks the first time we are reporting against the targets set out in Sustainable Future 2030. As this report details, we have made good progress but recognize there is much more to do. Having a positive impact and ensuring our sustainability ambitions also support sustainable commercial growth can only happen in partnership with our suppliers, customers, and society at large. We look forward to working even more closely with our partners in the years to come.”


Click here to read Finlays 2023 Sustainability Report. You can find more information about Sustainable Future 2030 by clicking here or watching the video below


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