Cold brew coffee is the fastest-growing beverage segment in Europe and is a great way to add a point of difference to operators’ menus, attracting new customers and increasing profits.

This year at HOST in Milan (22nd – 26th October), Finlays Europe has teamed up with POUR’D by Marco to showcase Finlays’ Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate and demonstrate how it can help Out Of Home operators across the UK and Europe deliver a successful cold brew programme.

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

The appeal of cold brew coffee lies in its unique brewing method. In its most basic form, cold brew is made by steeping coffee in cold or room temperature water over multiple hours. Without using heat or pressure, the aim is to extract the best flavours from the coffee.

Cold Brew vs Hot Brew Coffee – How Do They Compare?

Cold brew vs hot brew coffee

Why POUR’D by Marco?

Delivering a cost effective and efficient cold brew programme is easier said than done. Finlays Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate and Ready-to-Drink products are quick and convenient solutions that eliminate the labour intensive, often messy and time-consuming process of making cold brew in-house. The Marco POUR’D dispense system offers a quick, easy, and consistent way to serve cold brew.

The POUR’D dispenser works with ready-to-drink or concentrate cold brew coffee and provides users with complete flexibility over their beverage offerings. Whether hospitality outlets want to serve cocktails, lattes or mochas in minutes, POUR’D is a great solution. It allows you to program three different sizes of cold brew, add hot or cold water or dispense a straight shot of concentrate. Having a ready-to-drink solution means that you can easily enhance the customer experience in how you create great tasting beverages, cocktails, syrups and sauces.

Pour'd Marco - Why brew coffee with cold water?

Why Finlays for Cold Brew Coffee?

With over 110 years of experience in coffee, we know that when it comes to creating cold brew, every step of the journey – from bean to brew – counts. We apply our unrivalled expertise in sustainable coffee sourcing, roasting and blending to create market-leading cold brew using our unique gravity extraction technology.

Why Brew Coffee with Cold Water? Five Reasons to Tap into Cold Brew Coffee:

  1. It offers a point of difference. Cold brew helps meet the demand for new coffee experiences, which 68% of consumers are actively seeking[1].
  2. It can be enjoyed at any time of day. 60% of cold brew occasions are servings are outside of breakfast[2].
  3. It’s an exciting growth opportunity. Consumption of cold brew has increased by 113% over the last five years[3], and iced coffee in Europe was estimated to be at a value of $1.66bn in 2020[4], positioning cold brew as a new, exciting opportunity for operators to capitalise on. In addition, operators on average charge up to 25% more for cold brew than iced coffee[5].
  4. It’s versatile. Cold brew is the perfect ingredient to experiment with. Operators can get creative by combining cold brew concentrate or ready-to-drink solutions with various carriers, including plant-based milks, fruit juices, carbonated soft drinks and syrups to create diverse menus that can be easily and quickly adapted to the season to captivate customers.
  5. It’s convenient. Finlays Cold Brew solutions eliminate the labour intensive, messy, and time-consuming process of making cold brew in-house by offering a range of flexible packaging formats to help operators tap into cold brew with ease.

For anyone serving cold brew – consistency is key. Using the Finlays Cold Brew Concentrate or Ready-to-Drink solutions with Marco’s POUR’D dispense system ensures every drink delivers a distinctly smooth, rich taste with every pour.

Time-saving, flexible and consistent: try Finlays Cold Brew solutions with Marco POUR’D for your complete cold brew coffee service.

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