Global Sourcing

Since 1865, we have operated internationally to achieve an unrivalled model for sourcing and supplying the world’s tea to our customers.

Our team of tea experts, with several hundred years of combined knowledge, love tasting, sourcing and supplying tea from around the world to meet our many customers’ requirements. Whether home grown black and green teas from our estates in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Argentina, or from further afield such as Oolongs from China, Matcha from Japan or Darjeeling from India - we know tea and where to source the very best to capture unique regional flavours and profiles.

We have a network of offices around the world, in both major producing and major consuming countries. We strive to service all of your tea requirements from bush to cup; from auction buying, bespoke blending, to sourcing hard to find speciality teas from remote areas around the globe.

Whatever your needs – when it comes to tea – we ensure you get the very best.

Our global sourcing facilities