Certified, Compliant and Risk-free Tea from China

James Finlay Guizhou is our new tea processing facility supplying certified Chinese tea, responsibly and sustainably, to customers worldwide. By sharing best practice from our own tea farms in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Argentina, James Finlay Guizhou has established a sustainable, traceable and transparent sourcing model in China that means Chinese tea can now find a much wider global audience.

Unleash the true global potential of Chinese tea, with James Finlay Guizhou

Unleash The Potential of Chinese Tea With James Finlay Guizhou
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Sourcing Tea from China’s Largest Tea Growing Province

Located in southwest China, Guizhou is bigger than Rwanda and Malawi combined. A large proportion of the growth in green tea production is being driven by Guizhou Province due to the amount of new planting since 2008. Guizhou is rich in natural, cultural and environmental resources.

Certified Tea from China that’s 100% Traceable and Risk-free

As one of the largest certified Rainforest Alliance sources of tea in China, James Finlay Guizhou is able to meet your sustainability needs. Tea from James Finlay Guizhou is 100% traceable and supplied to internationally accepted standards. 

We use the latest technologies to understand what’s happening in the tea farms and in our processing facility to give full supply chain visibility of batch data from supplier to production to customer as well as being compliant with controls on pesticide limits in the US and EU.

A Unique Sourcing Strategy

Our sourcing strategy in China is focused on not only addressing the challenges of producing tea in China and meeting the needs of discerning consumers, it’s about investing in tea-growing communities so they can prosper.

We help tea farmers in less developed parts of China to access new markets. Helping farmers generate valuable additional income at the same time as supplying Finlays customers with fully traceable tea. It also brings our suppliers closer to the market and with Finlays guidance on the types of teas our customers need, our suppliers have the reassurance of guaranteed sales.

Crucially, by helping to increase income for Guizhou tea farmers, James Finlay Guizhou will assist the wider communities for years to come.

Tea from James Finlay Guizhou

We supply a wide range of certified Chinese teas from Guizhou including green tea, white tea, speciality and organic available in a variety of pack types including 0.5MT super sacks. All tea is Rainforest Alliance certified and minimum EU and US MRL.

A Flexible State-of-the-art Processing Facility

At our state-of-the-art processing facility we blend, process and pack a wide range of tea. James Finlay Guizhou has the following certifications: RA, Export registered, and is working towards FSSC2200, ISO22000 and HACCP.