Finlays Joins World Coffee Research

Finlays is delighted to announce it has joined World Coffee Research, an industry-driven agricultural research organization focused on unlocking the promise of improved coffee varieties.

World Coffee Research plays a pivotal role in the global coffee industry by focusing on research and development to ensure the sustainability and resilience of coffee production. Established as a non-profit collaborative research organization, World Coffee Research brings together stakeholders from across the coffee supply chain, including farmers, industry professionals, and scientists, to address the challenges facing coffee cultivation.

Its primary objectives include the development of new coffee varieties with enhanced resistance to diseases and pests, improved adaptability to climate change, and superior cup quality. By investing in genetic diversity and breeding programs, they aim to create coffee plants that can thrive in diverse environments, ensuring the longevity of coffee farming amidst evolving climate conditions.

The importance of World Coffee Research lies in its potential to safeguard the livelihoods of millions of coffee farmers worldwide. By advancing agricultural practices and promoting sustainable farming methods, WCR contributes to increased yields, higher quality coffee, and improved incomes for farmers. Additionally, the organization fosters knowledge-sharing and collaboration, creating a global network that accelerates the adoption of innovative practices throughout the coffee industry.

Commenting on Finlays decision to join World Coffee Research, Finlays Group Head of Coffee Thomas Blackwall said:

“World Coffee Research serves as a crucial linchpin, bridging the gaps between scientific research, agricultural practices, and economic sustainability in the coffee sector. Its efforts not only fortify the resilience of coffee crops but also promote a more sustainable and equitable future for the entire global coffee community.”

Finlays Group Head of Sustainability Joe Yalley-Ogunro said:

“In 2023, we launched Sustainable Future 2030 – an ambitious seven year sustainability strategy seeking to play our role in sustainably growing the natural beverages industry. We’re delighted to join World Coffee Research in its mission to grow, protect and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it.”

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