Finlays’ 2023 Coffee & Tea Holiday Gift Guide

Embark on a journey for the perfect blend of joy this holiday season with Finlays 2023 Coffee and Tea Holiday Gift Guide! From gifts tailored to the no-nonsense brew lovers, to those made for the passionate caffeine addicts, all the way to the most serious beverage equipment collectors, our hand-picked selection of gifts will ensure a delightful experience for every coffee and tea enthusiast on your list.


For The True Coffee Connoisseurs


  1. Miir New Standard Carafe – $79.95 at the Miir website

Looking for the perfect gift for the avid coffee enthusiast with a busy schedule? The Miir New Standard Carafe is our go-to for a pour-over batch brew on a busy morning. It’s unbreakable, easy to use, and insulated, so it keeps your coffee hot when you get tied up in those early morning work calls. It’s the unfussy way to brew your first cup of coffee for the day.

Recommended by Finlays America’s Director of Applications, Hilary Hursh

For The Real Tea Aficionados


  1. Tea Bloom Glass Tea Pot – $29 on Amazon

If there’s one thing we know about tea-drinkers, they just want to share their love of tea with everyone. Give the gift of joy to your tea lover with this beautiful Glass Tea Pot from Teabloom.  With an infuser located at the bottom of the kettle, users can brew a single cup for solo enjoyment or a whole pot for guests. The infuser is roomy, allowing quality teas to unfurl, plus the see-through glass is visually appealing during the steeping process.

Recommended by Ryan Collins, Marketing Manager, Tea

  1. Around the World in 24 Teas Advent Calendar – $55 at the David’s Tea website.

Looking for something perfectly curated for the tea obsessed? The Around the World in 24 Teas Advent Calendar from David’s Tea is the perfect gift to bring any tea lover’s taste buds on a world tour of flavor! This gift offers 24 premium loose-leaf teas and infusions inspired by flavors across the world. It is sure to impress any tea lover (and it’s cheaper than 24 plane tickets.)

Recommended by Marisa Bouley, Applications Scientist

  1. House Again Tea Infuser– $10.99 on Amazon

The House Again Tea Infuser is a tried-and-true stocking stuffer for our experts. This stainless-steel infuser allows you to control the leaf quality and blend of your tea, while being easy to clean and sustainable. This gift is ideal for the simple, no-nonsense tea lover in your life.

Recommended by Ryan Collins, Tea Marketing Manager

  1. Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cakes – Starting at $6.50 at the Yunnan Sourcing website.

If you need a gift for a true tea enthusiast who loves exploring new flavors, check out Yunnan Sourcing’s collection of ripe pu-erh tea cakes. These cakes are crafted in the traditional style, and act as a great introduction into the world of fermented pu-erh tea. It’s an excellent choice for someone looking to experience the depth and complexity of tea.

Recommended by Aaron Oakes, Principal Sensory Scientist, Research & Development

The Perfect Vessels and Brewing Sidekicks for Your Precious Beverages

  1. Miir Flip Traveler Mug – $27.95 at the Miir website.

For the ready-to-drink cold brew and iced coffee customizers, the Miir Flip Traveler Mug is your new “emotional-support cup.” It keeps your cold beverages cold and your warm beverages warm for hours and is completely leak proof. A wide range of colors and sizes are available, and it is the perfect canvas for customizing with your favorite stickers.

Recommended by Hilary Hursh, Director of Applications, Finlays Americas


  1. Ember Smart Mug 2 – $150 at the Ember website

For the person that’s extra particular about their beverage temperature… or the one who is always forgetting about their drink until the ice is melted, the Ember Smart Mug 2 will change their life! You can set and maintain your preferred temperature (hot or cold!) via your smartphone.

Recommended by Jacob Rios, Applications Lab Supervisor & Certified Q-Arabica Grader

  1. Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle – $69.99 at the Cosori website.

This elegant Gooseneck Kettle from Cosori allows for seamless pour-overs and offers five temperature presets for the best cup of tea or coffee. The thin spout provides a precise and even flow rate ideal for a flawless pour-over and the exact temperature settings for whatever tea type you prefer!

Recommended by Jacob Rios, Applications Lab Supervisor & Certified Q-Arabica Grader


Kyle Gomes’ Guide to the Perfect Brew

We asked Finlays’ very own “Unofficial Coffee King”, Senior Applications Scientist, and Certified Q-Arabica Grader, with over 20 years of coffee experience, Kyle Gomes, about his must-have coffee accessories and equipment, and he delivered a list fit for an aspiring coffee guru.

  1. How to Make the Best Coffee at Home by James Hoffman – $21.46/£16.99 at the Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Interested in brewing better coffee at home but don’t know where to start? There’s plenty of advice out there, but if you want to start with one of the most respected coffee professional’s techniques, How to Make the Best Coffee at Home by James Hoffmann is an interesting read for beginners to enthusiasts.

  1. Neoweigh Espresso Scale – $13.95 on Amazon

Brewing better coffee at home starts with consistency, so weighing out the coffee (and water) can be a great start. Kyle uses this one mostly for brewing espresso at home, but he says it’s great for all around kitchen use too.

  1. Third Wave Water (formulated for coffee brewing) – Starting at $17.00

A brewed cup of coffee is typically 98%-99% water. Water is one of the easiest variables to change to adjust the flavor to the desired preference. Third Wave Water allows you to select your water by roast level or brew type for that perfect brew.

  1. Baratza Encore Grinder – $119.95 at the Baratza website

Freshly roasted coffee beans can be a game changer, so a quality coffee grinder is a must. The Baratza lineup has several types of grinders for filtered coffee, espresso (or both) at different price points. The Encore is an ideal entry-level option that can grind for filter coffee and espresso in one!

  1. AeroPress – Starting at $39.95

What happened when a Stanford educated toy engineer and a cup of coffee collided? The AeroPress! Alan Adler invented the Pro Ring to be a better frisbee, and the AeroPress to brew a better cup of coffee. He had no idea it would end up being the signature brewer now used in international coffee competitions.  AeroPress is a worldwide phenomenon that you can enjoy at home or on the go, and it lives up to the hype by brewing a great cup of coffee.

  1. Bonavita Coffee Brewer – Starting at $149.99 at the Bonavita website.

If you’re looking for an upgraded coffee brewer, Bonavita has some excellent options. These are slightly more expensive than typical automatic drip brewers, but you get a Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified home brewer that maintains water temperature for proper coffee extraction, resulting in a better cup of coffee. Worth it!

We hope that you found the perfect gift for your loved one with our 2023 Coffee and Tea Holiday Gift Guide! At Finlays, our experts are dedicated to elevating your coffee and tea experiences through collaboration, for you and your customers.

Cheers to a holiday filled with exceptional coffee and tea!

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The gifts recommended in this article are the personal recommendations of Finlays employees. Finlays is not associated with the brands listed.

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