Leading Supplier of Caffeine Powder

Caffeine is something many people rely on to increase mental focus, enhance cardiovascular performance, and boost energy levels.

Why choose Finlays are your Caffeine Powder Supplier?

Finlays is a global bulk caffeine powder supplier, processed at our own facility in the UK, our caffeine is produced to a minimum 95% purity and can even be produced to a minimum 98.5% purity if required.

Our decaffeination facility and our caffeine extract facility are together on the same site. This means we know exactly where the caffeine has come from and can trace the caffeine back to the origin of the tea.

Caffeine Powder Applications

Caffeine powder is used in a huge array of products from energy drinks to pharma. To find out more about pure caffeine powder applications, have a look at our Applications page

To find out more about our Caffeine Powder products, why not explore The Refresh Range?

Beakers of caffeine powder