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Hot Brew Coffee Concentrate

What is hot brew coffee concentrate?

Hot Brew Coffee Concentrate, also known as coffee concentrate and coffee extract, is coffee that is steeped or brewed in hot water and then concentrated. Hot Brew Coffee Concentrate is perfect for food and beverage manufacturers as an ingredient or as a concentrated final product offering flexible concentration and a product that is easy to mix and use for any channel and format.

Why choose Finlays to supply your hot brew coffee concentrate?

Finlays is a leading supplier of Hot Brew Coffee Concentrate products and solutions and can produce hot brew coffee to suit your needs. That includes a range from concentrations all the way from Ready to Drink, to high brix. As with all our coffee products and solutions, our hot brew coffee concentrate can be made using coffee of various origins and certifications, and in various pack sizes.

Hot Brew Coffee Concentrate Applications


Food Manufacturing

Alcoholic Beverages

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