Consistent, Quality Coffee, Cup after Cup

Your customers won’t know us, but they’ll love your coffee. 

We make it that simple.


What’s the secret to delivering consistent, quality coffee cup after cup? Finlays.

Whether it’s the smooth, bold taste of cold brew, the fresh-brewed flavor of iced coffee or any of our easy-to-use packaging formats—each of our food service offerings is designed to seamlessly integrate into your exisiting operations. 

Let us do the hard work for you, so all you need to do is open, mix and prepare to pour endless cups of fresh coffee.

On-target, right off-the-shelf

This means that you can achieve a high-quality coffee program right off the shelf.  No huge list of options to navigate. Just the great coffee your customers expect – made simple.

Off-the-Shelf Products

Start your program today with our ready-to-offer standard line of cold brew and coffee products.  Want something more unique? Our in-house team of coffee and tea application specialists are ready to collaborate with you to develop your bespoke coffee (or tea) solutions.

Easy-to-use Packaging

PET bottles, jugs and pouches mean no complicated labor instructions or equipment needed.  Simply open, pour and mix.  It really is that simple.  Save time and money by eliminating the need to train employees on complicated equipment or product preparation 

Consistency is Key

Finlays has spent decades perfecting the delivery of peak coffee flavor that customers seek. Using a ready-to-drink (RTD) or coffee concentrate means you will get the same cup of coffee every single time. No more variations from store to store, no more customer complaints.  Just quality coffee cup after cup.

Your dream coffee program is closer than you think…
Let's make it a reality.

You get the perfect beverages for your customers, your way.

Our coffee extracts are available in hot and cold brew varieties that allow you to cater to diverse consumer preferences. From bean selection (origin, Arabica, Robusta), roast level (dark, medium, light) and flavor modifications, we can create a coffee product to suit all your needs.

Trust. Sustainability. Innovation.

Why Finlays for Hot Brew and Cold Brew Coffee Extracts?

The biggest name behind the biggest names in coffee

With facilities in the US, UK and China, Finlays is a major player in the global coffee extracts market and one of the world’s biggest cold brew producers. Our business has been built on a strong foundation of developing the highest quality products, tailor-made to the needs of our customers and their products.

After decades of experience, Finlays is a leading producer of coffee extracts and the largest producer of cold brew coffee extracts globally.

We offer a versatile portfolio of coffee extracts to suit your needs and work proactively with you to create the perfect product for your consumers.

State-of-the-art Coffee Extract capabilities

Our state-of-the art natural extraction facility in the US ensures the quality of our final coffee product captures the flavour and aroma characteristics of the original bean.

Stronger on sustainability

At Finlays, Sustainability isn’t just an initiative, it’s one of our core values at the heart of how we operate. This is guided by our sustainability strategy Sustainable Future and driven by our global sustainability community of change agents with technical expertise. For our customers, this means reduced risk as well as the ability to tap into the increasing consumer demand for sustainably and ethically sourced products.

Technical excellence

When you partner with Finlays as your branded or private label coffee manufacturer, you receive the benefit of our history of technical expertise including coffee sourcing, roasting, and blending, all natural water extraction, and an advanced lab facility with R&D and sensory scientists.

Understanding of the global and local consumer

With consumer demand evolving rapidly, we understand the value of being able to pinpoint what your consumer is looking for, even if they themselves don’t realize it yet. Thanks to our Global Insights Team, Finlays is ideally placed to partner with our customers to tap into these trends.

Applications expertise

Finlays doesn’t just supply you with coffee extracts, we help you to unlock long-term value through our proven applications expertise. Whatever your desired application, we can work with you to choose the right extract to create the perfect product for your needs.