Tea Extracts

Finlays are in the unique position of being the only company in the world able to grow, source and manufacture a wide range of fully traceable, high quality and sustainable tea extract solutions.

Finlays is the world’s largest independent provider of high quality tea extracts and aromas; our global extraction facilities are capable of producing an extensive portfolio of products suiting different applications and markets. From a ‘garden fresh’ green tea extract, with leaf plucked and extracted in the heart of our tea plantation in Kenya, giving a fresh, delicate tasting product - or to our extract plant in Chile - for a strong black tea extract, from leaf grown on our plantation in Argentina, giving a rich tasting and intensely coloured product.

Whatever the desired application, we can tailor the product to your requirements and guide you through the difference in taste profiles, ensuring your end product has the perfect result.

Our offerings range from stand-alone single-origin products to complex blended solutions utilising teas from around the world to produce powders, liquid concentrates and restorative aromas in a vast array of taste, colour and aroma profiles.

Our service and products are tailor-made to suit our customers’ requirement and harness the goodness and magnificent flavours of the tea leaf. Our four main categories are:

  • Hot Water Soluble (HWS) Tea Extracts
  • Cold Water Soluble (CWS) Tea Extracts
  • Carbohydrate Blended Tea Extracts
  • Tea Aroma