Our Mission

To Connect Humanity through Natural Beverages.

Combining tradition and innovation to create a healthier, happier and better world by bringing the best from bush to cup.

Our Vision

To grow Finlays profitably and sustainably by serving as the industry’s trusted leader in the supply of tea (in all its wonderful varieties, formats and applications), coffee and botanical extracts to the world’s beverage brand owners.

Our Values

We act with integrity.

We act with honesty, transparency and humility.

We are diverse, inclusive and respect the views of others.

We are trusted by customers and colleagues alike.

We embrace change.

We seek to improve continuously.

We are action-oriented.

We learn from our peers, our customers and competitors.

We act for the long term.

We strive for Quality in everything we do.

We build lasting business partnerships.

We care about our customers and all our staff.

We strive for ‘Zero Harm’ and ‘Always Safe’.

We are One Finlays team helping each other.

The importance of our product

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world after water. It is a refreshing and healthy drink that millions of people around the world enjoy every day. Since the early 19th century, Finlays is proud to have been a critical part in the development of the global tea industry. We know tea and we know how to deliver it to customers in all its many forms.

How are we bringing the best from Bush to Cup?

To us, this means more than delivering the best quality product, or developing the most exciting application techniques in the industry.

This means treating our natural resources with the greatest respect and growing tea using methods that enhance the land we use, always giving back more than we take.

This means our people thrive in all areas of the globe, our children have access to schooling, our colleagues and their families are treated fairly, and we empower the people in the communities we serve.

This means innovating, pushing the boundaries and driving the market, never being satisfied and always seeking new entrepreneurial opportunities.

This means working with our customers as a trusted supplier, being reliable and ensuring that their own dreams and ambitions are accomplished. Finally, this means knowing our product, from the soil we plant in, to the invigorating, soothing and refreshing taste at the end.