Finlays - Michael Pennant Jones - Group Head of Sustainability - James Finlay Ltd

Michael Pennant-Jones

Michael Pennant-Jones is Group Head of Sustainability of James Finlay Ltd a leading global supplier of tea, coffee and plant extracts.

Michael has worked in sustainability related issues since 1993, joining the tea trade in 1997. He has experience of working in many tea producing countries from Argentina to Papua New Guinea, including living and working in South India.

Joining Finlays in 2005 he has worked on a broader sustainability agenda covering the long-term issues that will impact on Finlays and the tea industry and Finlays operations including the opportunities it provides, from smallholder development, gender empowerment, standards and certification to climate change mitigation strategies.

He was a co-founding partner of Tea2030, currently sits on the Tea Advisory Group for Utz cert. and on the Swire Sustainability Committee. He has previously chaired and sat on a number working groups at the Ethical Trading Initiative.
Michael holds an MA in African History from Aberdeen and post-graduate in Development Studies, and MA in Development Studies.