Finlays | Antonio Fernandez-Espinosa | Managing Director of Casa Fuentes S.A.C.I.F.I.

Antonio Fernandez-Espinosa

Antonio Fernandez-Espinosa is the Managing Director of Casa Fuentes S.A.C.I.F.I., the largest producer and exporter of tea in Argentina. Casa Fuentes owns five tea estates and two packing plants for bulk tea in the Province of Misiones, located in the north east of Buenos Aires, on the border between Brazil and Paraguay.

Casa Fuentes, a family company, was founded in Buenos Aires in 1936, originally as a coffee company and tea importers from India and Sri Lanka. Later in 1952, they started operating in Misiones which marked the beginning of tea production in Argentina.

Antonio has been involved in the tea business for 60 years; he was president of Casa Fuentes for more than 30 years until August 2014, from when the company became wholly owned by Finlays. Throughout his years as president, he was dedicated to developing international customer relations and was very much involved in tea production and the modernisation of the company’s factories.

He was president of the Argentina Chamber of Tea for 15 years until September 2015, and is a graduate from the School of Commerce of Buenos Aires.