Temperature Controlled Logistics

A fully-owned subsidiary of Finlays Colombo Limited, offering international standard cold storage in Sri Lanka, with over 2,900,000 cubic feet of refrigerated warehousing.

Finlay Cold Storage is the largest temperature controlled service provider in Sri Lanka, providing specialised cold chain management services, including refrigerated warehousing, storage and transport for perishable food, beverages and pharmaceutical products.

We offer consistent, professionally managed and monitored 'one stop shop' solutions for all your temperature-controlled logistics needs.

We have expertise in all facets of temperature controlled logistics, including:

  • Storage, handling, and picking of manufacturers' and processors' products for retail, wholesale and distribution, enabled by a state-of-the-art online warehouse management system.
  • Storage, handling and sorting of exported and imported goods into and out of Sri Lanka via our cold storage facility.
  • Temperature controlled transport solutions to all parts of the country with online real time tracking of vehicle and temperature using GPS/ GPRS satellite sensors.
  • Maximum Retail Price (MRP) marking: Sri Lanka Customs approved facility for products categorised by Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA).
  • Whilst predominantly focused on food products, the Company has experience in servicing other temperature sensitive products, such as pharmaceuticals, medical products and horticultural products (e.g. seeds / cuttings).