Other crops

As a result of our long and successful connection with Sri Lanka, we have diversified from growing tea into growing various other crops. These ventures have supported not only the Finlays business in Sri Lanka but have also helped many families and communities in this wonderful country.

Finlays have 164.5 ha of coconut plantations at Yatawatte Estate of Madulkelle Group of Estates, which borders the famous ‘Coconut Triangle’ of Sri Lanka. The estate produces 500,000 nuts per annum.

Cinnamon is a relatively new crop to Finlays and is grown in Ratnapura, Rakwana and Passara Groups of estates. We are scheduled to establish 250 acres of cinnamon plantations. Sri Lankan Cinnamon known as ‘true Cinnamon’ dominates the true Cinnamon supply in the world spice market.

Our estates grow pepper as an intercrop within the tea and coconut fields. We have scheduled to inter plant 100 ha of tea land with 70,000 pepper plants.