Environmental Services

Finlay Rentokil provides environmental services for industrial, commercial and residential clients in Sri Lanka. Our services cover two main areas, hygiene solutions and pest control.

The Environmental Services division of Finlays in Sri Lanka offers the entire range of environmental services. Finlay Rentokil Ceylon(Private) Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of Finlays Colombo Limited, holds the franchise for Rentokil UK, global leader in hygiene solutions and pest control, with a presence in over forty-five countries. The Environmental Services division operates in two main areas:

  • Pest control
  • Healthcare

Pest Control
This division provides pest control solutions for the effective protection of health and property. Using chemicals which conform to standards laid down by Rentokil International, the solutions offered are all environmentally sustainable. Provided to the industrial, commercial & residential sectors, they safeguard health and property from disease-carrying and destructive pests.

Health Care
The Healthcare division provides a range of washroom services across the island. Well received both in the industrial and corporate sectors due to the convenient and hygienic solutions offered, services include the following:

  • Sanitact Service
    A chemically charged Sanitact bin provides an effective, hygienic and discreet method to dispose of soiled sanitary items.
  • Digital Air Deodoriser
    A digitally controlled dispenser keeps the air clean and fresh and is replenished monthly to ensure continued efficacy.
  • Soap Dispenser
    An attractive, durable dispenser is supplied and maintained by our technicians to ensure a continuous supply of liquid soap. The soap used by us is mild, non-irritating and moisturising.
  • Sanitiser Service
    By affixing a dispenser releasing bactericide fluids with each flush, Rentokil’s Sanitiser system ensures that the toilet bowl is kept clean and germ free at all times.