We harness nature’s gifts and unleash the possibilities.

From our specialist research and development labs located across the globe, to our industry leading production capabilities, Finlays breathes innovation. Whether it's developing brand new techniques and methods, finding new ways to promote sustainability or discovering new ingredients and solutions, we drive the industry and deliver a world of opportunity for our customers.

At Finlays, we have a deep understanding and passion for our products, combining centuries of unrivalled experience with a thirst for knowledge that drives our innate culture of innovation.

Our global network of industry experts work with teams across our business, from Taste Application Specialists to dedicated Market Insight Analysts, to understand the global and regional trends driving consumption, which then shapes innovation literally from the ground up, from bush to cup.

Our exceptional products and inventive applications differentiate our customers offering to the market, setting them apart from their competitors and ensuring their success.


In addition to being an industry-leading and trusted supplier, Finlays offers partnership to our customers; their goals become our goals and we work tirelessly to support their business and realise these ambitions together. From established global brands to entrepreneurial industry start-ups, we work across the spectrum and dedicate our unrivalled expertise, experience and enthusiasm to deliver something exceptional for our customers.

Our Services


We can offer collaborative sessions in our state-of-the-art laboratories to inspire new ideas and applications. Our Taste Application Specialists and expert teams can provide comprehensive advice on product development and application, regional regulations, raw material supply, processing technologies and supply chain solutions. We work with our customers from product conception all the way to execution, ranging from developing established global brands to fostering the first steps of young start-ups.

Product Innovation

We offer our customers something truly exceptional to set their products apart in often crowded industries. From creating bespoke blends to developing new, more convenient and more inventive packaging, we have the unique capability to innovate all the way through, from bush to finished product, directly for our customers’ specific requirements.


With on-the-ground expertise on nearly every continent, we have a deep understanding of consumer taste profiling, regional trends and markets, enabling us to support customers’ development in new and unfamiliar territories. Because we operate worldwide, we know the most reliable suppliers, distribution networks and production facilities and can provide guidance to our customers making those all-important first connections when expanding their business into exciting but uncharted waters.

Market Intelligence

Our dedicated Insight Analyst team can create bespoke market intelligence reports to support our customers’ business strategy, stimulate ideas and identify development opportunities that are truly different and innovative. If our customers have questions that need answering, trends that need scoping or markets they need analysed, we can provide the answers.