Global Sourcing

Sourcing sustainably and ethically is a passion at the core of our business and a value which can be seen throughout our coffee supply chain. For us, this is more than just an accreditation, it’s a principle on which we do business, it’s the way we think and the way we interact with our valued and crucial partners.

We source coffee beans from 23 countries around the globe. Some of these are well known coffee growing regions, such as Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica. Some however are lesser known as coffee growing areas, yet produce some fine beans, such as Ethiopia, Malawi and Vietnam.

When it comes to selecting the beans for our products, our process is a hands on affair, built on a solid belief that to truly deliver exceptional quality we have to be as close to the product origin as possible. This means our coffee experts spend much of their time travelling the world discovering new coffees, working with growers, and building long-term partnerships with our trusted partners.