Introducing Autocrat

Our recent acquisition of Autocrat, LLC, a leading producer of coffee extracts, is a natural extension of our Finlays tea extracts business. Kim Cipriano who is Autocrat’s Director of Marketing, reveals more about the business.

Autocrat is respected as a coffee expert with over 100 years of tradition and experience, providing solutions to leading consumer brands in the food, beverage and dairy industries in the United States. The acquisition aligns well with the extraction facilities in China (through Damin) and the coffee business in the UK, increasing Finlays core strategy of meeting customers’ demands for a range of extracts solutions on a global basis.

In 1895, Autocrat was incorporated as the Brownell & Field Company, as the founder, Frank O Field, was planning the introduction of “the most delicious coffee you ever tasted”. Mr. Field’s early insistence upon “only the best” is still the driving force behind the Autocrat of today. Autocrat, located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of premium coffee extracts, and is the world’s largest producer of coffee syrup which, when mixed with milk, makes a delicious, sweet tasting drink known as coffee milk.

To produce coffee extracts, Autocrat uses an all-natural extraction process by carefully roasting select beans and drawing out their fullest flavour potential. Fresh coffee beans from around the world arrive every day at the roasting facility where they are carefully examined to confirm that they meet the highest quality standards. Throughout the process, beans are brought to the tasting table for “cupping.” This is the critical test for quality and consistency, the factors which distinguish a truly great coffee.

With rapid growth of coffee extracts in both national and international markets, Autocrat is a leading supplier of regular and organic coffee extracts that are used to flavour a variety of applications in the global food and beverage industry. Furthermore, due to the increasing consumer demand for coffee-flavored items, additional custom extract formulations include snack bars, desserts, ice cream, yogurt, soy beverages, iced cappuccino, energy drinks, sauces, marinades and alcohol products. Autocrat is at the forefront of developing solutions that specifically target these and other new applications for coffee extracts.

Respected as a coffee expert, Autocrat shares a vision of unparalleled quality, constant growth and innovation, the highest values and professional standards, and participation in the growth of our employees, customers and community.