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United Kingdom

Finlays Horticulture is one of the largest suppliers of Cut Flowers and Fresh Produce to the UK market.

Our marketing and procurement operations are based in the UK where we have two flowers sites in Spalding and Sandy producing bouquets using flowers from our own farms and from other growers around the world.

Finlays is committed to quality and so our flowers are all handled once they arrive at the UK operations in temperature controlled facilities where fresh flowers are removed from their transport packaging, cut, treated, conditioned and stabilised ready for immediate distribution to customers.

Specially designed “Aquaboxes”, providing necessary air circulation, water and light, guarantee constantly controlled freshness resulting in superior quality, longer shelf and improved vase life.

We also have a flower buying and marketing operation in Holland based at the Westlands Auction and our vegetable joint venture that supplies vegetables to European retailers is also based in Holland.

Our Fresh Produce operation is based in Stevenage.