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"We know how precious
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About Finlays

Finlays was founded in 1750. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swire Group, the company has extensive tea and horticultural interests in Kenya, South Africa and Sri Lanka, complemented by global trading, packaging and extraction activities. It’s primary markets are in the UK, USA, Asia and increasingly continental Europe.

Finlays is a well respected global brand, with a 250+ year old heritage. It has operations in many countries and in diversified markets and is well known across the tea and horticulture industries. Over the years Finlays has played important roles in the development of the tea industry in India, has pioneered instant tea research, development and production. Recent expansion into flowers, fresh produce and rubber is in keeping with its 250 years old tradition to continually expand by seeking opportunities which will benefit shareholders, employees and stakeholders.

Tea, Coffee, Rubber and Timber
Finlays’ Tea Estates in Kenya and Sri Lanka cover more than 15,000 hectares and produce 40 million kilos of black tea each year. Finlays is the largest trader of Fairtrade tea in the world and largest roaster of coffee in the UK. In addition to managing 5,000 hectares of timber in Kenya and Sri Lanka, we produce 1 million kilos of rubber latex annually from 2,000 hectares of rubber estates in Sri Lanka.

Tea Trading, Tea Extracts and Beverage Packing
Finlays is one of the largest independent tea traders in the world, trading more than 70 million kilos of tea each year from our offices in UK, Kenya, Sri Lanka, UAE, Malawi, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA and China. We are also the world’s largest suppliers of quality tea extracts, including instant teas and aromas, dealing with all the world’s top beverage companies. The company also has beverage businesses in the UK and Sri Lanka sourcing, blending and packaging private label tea and coffee for customers in the UK, the Middle East and Japan.

Flowers and Vegetables
A substantial horticultural business which includes growing, processing, packaging, marketing and distribution of cut flowers and premium prepared fresh vegetables supplying most of the UK retailers. Finlays Horticulture is the largest vertically integrated, added-value producer and exporter of fresh produce and flowers from Africa to the EU and is one of the world’s largest producers and packers of Fairtrade roses and lilies.

Dudutech is a leader in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and produces large quantities of biological control organisms to control common pests and diseases. Since 2004, its beneficial bugs have helped Kenyan growers to reduce their dependence on synthetic pesticides by almost 70%. Through training, Dudutech has ensured that the benefits are experienced throughout the supply chain.

Omniflora is a wholly owned subsidiary headquartered in Frankfurt and markets and sells flowers to major retail multiples in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway and Luxembourg. Omniflora is committed to supplying ethical flowers, sourced from socially and environmentally responsible growers, and almost exclusively trades Fairtrade accredited roses sourced from FLO (Fairtrade Labelling Organisation) certified farms.

FV SeleQt is a joint venture with the Best Fresh Group to market premium vegetables in Europe. The operation is based in Poeldijk in The Netherlands. The Best Fresh group brings an expertise of marketing and distributing salads, vegetables and fruits in Continental Europe and this combined with our expertise of both growing and sourcing vegetables makes FV SeleQt a compelling proposition for European customers.

Logistics and services: James Finlay Ltd has a controlling interest in Finlays Colombo, a Sri-Lankan based business, quoted on the Colombo Stock Exchange. Activities include warehousing of tea, blending and packaging tea for export, insurance broking, and agencies representing a number of international businesses trading in Sri Lanka; including Cathay Pacific, for which it acts as General Sales Agent. In addition, Finlays Colombo owns Sri Lanka’s largest and most technologically advanced cold storage facility, togtether with a factory which manufactures green tea.

We employ over 39,000 people, on flower farms in Kenya & South Africa and tea estates in Kenya & Sri Lanka. We are very serious about our responsibilities towards our people and their communities as well as the local and global environment. Our flower farms and many of our tea estates are Fairtrade accredited.

However, while operating to high ethical and environmental standards and audited by numerous external audit bodies, we recognise that the environmental and social situation is never a constant and are committed to continually looking for ways to improve our performance.

Finlays is a wholly owned subsidiary of John Swire and Sons Limited UK